We Are Vudoo

Creating a legacy with every firearm we create.

Who We Are

Vudoo Gun Works is a Veteran directed, family-owned operation, that is led by some of the best in the business. Pulling from many years of experience in business and an extensive background in the firearms industry, our leadership team holds nothing back in the creation of an unparalleled customer experience through every aspect your dealings with Vudoo Gun Works. From product development, sourcing materials, manufacturing and customer service, we put our experience to work, ensuring our customer is getting the best that we have to offer.

Vudoo Gun Works Team Photo

In the beginning

Our humble beginnings started as an invited guest of Lapua Ammunition to be the firearm of choice to demo their rimfire products at an NRA World Shoot. This led to the Vudoo Gun Works “Shot Heard Around The World” as we consistently whacked a plate rack at 485 yard that was set up for the centerfire demo. Since then it has been a veritable whirlwind of design, create, improve and repeat.

Vudoo Gun Works shop
Vudoo Gun Works Cerakote booth
Vudoo Gun Works Paul Jill shop flag
Vudoo team shooters at nationals
Greg inspecting Vudoo action
We have one simple ambition

To create something exceptional.

At Vudoo Gun Works, we have a mantra that embodies all we are and what drives everything we do. This mantra is the soul of who we are and ensures you can expect the best products we can conceive and create, the best customer service in any industry and awesome attitudes from all who represent Vudoo Gun Works. Once you become a Vudoo customer you become a lifetime member of the Vudoo family.