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Design:  The Vudoo Gun Works (VGW) V-22 Rimfire Repeater was designed and developed by our engineer, Mike Bush.  The receiver matches the physical footprint of the Remington 700 Short Action, but the technology is unique to Vudoo Gun Works and is Patent Pending.  Although it’s easy to say the V-22 is a “modern day” 40X, the features are a significant departure from the 40X, significantly, the V-22 was designed from the ground up to be a Precision Repeater.  The unique Vudoo Rimfire Magazine is an AICS form factor, meaning the magazine will fit any DBM or Chassis that accepts an AICS magazine.  The V-22 is truly a “true-to-scale” Precision Rimfire Repeater.

  • What material is the action and bolt made from?

    Our V-22 action is made from stainless steel with an integral recoil lug, side bolt release, 8-40 scope rail threads and will take a Remington 700 trigger. Our stainless bolt is a one piece design meaning the handle is not a silver soldered piece.  The swept bolt handle is threaded with a standard 5/16-24 thread and will accept many aftermarket knobs.

  • What material are your barrels made from and what are the dimensions of your contours?

    Our barrels are stainless steel, single point cut rifling .217/.222 with 1:16 twist rate to our specification from the top barrel makers in the country to optimize 40gr rimfire bullets.


    • KUKRI: Currently our heaviest contour, it is like a light varmint profile.
      1.2” Breech – .870” Muzzle
    • SPECTER: Medium contour like a heavy sporter profile
      1.2” Breech – .680” Muzzle
    • RANCH: Is our lightest field contour like a medium sporter
      1.15” Breech – .625” Muzzle
  • Will the V-22 shoot any .22LR ammo? What chamber do you use?

    The short answer is, yes.  The V-22 RAVAGE chamber, designed by Mike Bush, is a Super Match Grade chambering, compatible with the higher quality 22LR Match ammunition, but will shoot non-match ammo.  Some brands may not extract from the chamber if not fired due to projectile shape.  This is a short match chamber so the projectile just touches the lands.

  • What torque setting should I use on the action screws?

    65 inch pounds unless otherwise recommended by a specific chassis maker.