Three 60 Barreled Action
Vudoo Gun Works

Three 60 Barreled Action - Custom Build

Starting at $2,215.00
+5% custom build fee


Our Patented Vudoo Three 60 Rimfire repeater action is the newest to the Vudoo family and comes at the continued request for a three-lug 60 degree bolt throw repeater action. The Vudoo Three 60, features a 3 lug bolt with a 60 degree throw and a 12 O’clock ignition. This combination uses the same internal 3 lug geometry of the V22s, ensuring light bolt lift along with smooth and consistent bolt alignment with the bore. Users will enjoy the same accuracy performance known across the entire Vudoo family of rifles. Give it a try. We know you won’t be disappointed because…we guarantee it!

Caliber Option