V22 barreled action
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V22 Barreled Action - Custom Build

Starting at $2,215.00
+5% custom build fee


Our Patented Vudoo V-22 Rimfire Repeater Action is truly something to behold. The V-22 has a very unique control-round-feed protocol. The bolt has full capture control of the cartridge from the time it leaves the magazine until it ejects the spent round out the ejection port. The significance of that is two-fold. Great feed and extraction reliability and…equally as important, the cartridge is controlled in a way that it never touches anything on its entrance into the bore. There is no feed ramp, nor does the projectile go in at an angle that would damage it in any way. We all know how susceptible the soft lead of the .22LR is to accuracy degrading damage and minor nicks during the chambering process. It is eliminated in the V-22 geometry. We are also very proud to offer our V-22 2 lug 90 degree bolt action in both left and right-handed models.