Vudoo Ravage with Foundation Stock
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The Ravage is defined by the Stock around which it is built. There are some great stocks out there, but we have a select few that meet the quality demands expected here at VGW such as McMillan, Foundation, Grayboe, Manners and more. A purpose-built competition rifle with sub MOA accuracy and an impressive list of options that aren’t optional…they’re standard.

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Welcome to The Vudoo V22

Want to RAVAGE the competition at your next PRS style match or maybe just the paper and steel targets you set up to test your skill? The RAVAGE was conceived just for you! A purpose-built competition/target rifle with sub-MOA accuracy and an impressive list of options that aren’t optional… they’re standard. Created around our Patented V-22 Rimfire repeater action and a state-of-the-art target stock, with the impeccable attention to detail we build everything with here at Vudoo Gun Works, ensuring you get a no-compromise rifle.

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