Vudoo Target Rifle in McMillan Kestros stock
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Single Shot Target Rifle

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Our Patented Vudoo V-22S Single Shot Rimfire action is the newest to the Vudoo family that has already made a name for itself in bench rest competition and beyond. It’s equally at home in .22 ELR, F-class, silhouette or just good ole’ target shooting fun. It has once again been, “Re-defining Rimfire” in these disciplines. There simply is no more solid, rigid, quality built single shot rimfire action out there. Available from us in target stocks from McMillan but equally at home in your choice of blind bottom custom stocks with a REM 700 inlet. It is available in Right hand or left hand as well as right bolt, left port and left bolt, right port. Give it a try. We know you won’t be disappointed.

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Vudoo Target Rifle

A purpose-built competition/target rifle with sub-MOA accuracy and an impressive list of options that aren’t optional…they’re standard. Created around our Patented V-22S Rimfire action (click here to read about it) and a state-of-the-art target stock, with the impeccable attention to detail we build everything with here at Vudoo Gun Works, ensuring you get a no-compromise rifle.


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