vudoo carbon sinsiter pure precision altitude stock
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The Sinister is our ‘cross-over’ rifle that is just as at home small game hunting or plinking as it is at a competition. With less bulk and weight than our Ravage line, we have chosen a select few stocks that meet the quality demands expected here at VGW such as McMillan, Mesa Precision Arms, Boyd’s and more. A truly transitional rifle that does all things well with sub MOA accuracy and an impressive list of options that aren’t optional…they’re standard.

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Welcome to The Vudoo V22

So you love to plink and hunt small game, but you’re thinking, “it would be nice to have a competition/target gun for those occasional matches.” The Sinister is a truly transitional rifle. It does it all well and is arguably our most versatile all-around rimfire rifle in the Vudoo line-up. Created around our Patented V-22 Rimfire repeater action and a state-of-the-art transitional stock, with the impeccable attention to detail we build everything with here at Vudoo Gun Works, ensuring you get a no-compromise rifle.


Frequently asked questions related to our Sinister line of rifles.